‘KPSC can’t check touts’

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CTYBangalore, June 19;Allegations of demand for bribes from members are “unnecessary attribution of motives”. Though the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) had some recommendations for the government to avoid giving scope for such allegations, no action was taken, says Gonal Bhimappa, who was KPSC chairperson from May 11, 2007 to May 10, 2013.

Excerpts from an interview with The Hindu.

What do you have to say about allegations bribe demands by members?

Such things will not happen in KPSC. After the marks obtained in the interview, some candidates make such allegations as they would have been hoping for better marks. Allegations are unnecessary attribution of motives.

We are aware that sometimes touts try to lure candidates during the examination and interview process, but the KPSC cannot check touts and their operations.

What action has KPSC taken to avoid giving scope for such allegations?

Nowhere [else] in India are marks obtained by candidates in main written exam and interview in the civil service exams published before notifying the selection list. KPSC is an exception. KPSC had recommended to the government to change the rules so that marks obtained in written exam are not disclosed to anyone, including KPSC members, till notification of selection list on the lines of the UPSC.

KPSC has also recommended reducing the number of candidates to be called for personality test to 1:2 from the present 1:3. (For every post, KPSC now invites three candidates for the interview from the eligible list.) These recommendations were made two years ago and there was no response from the government.

Has KPSC has taken any measure to make process of interview transparent?

The Punjab and Haryana High Court had ordered videographing the interview process in civil service exams in Punjab. However, the matter is now pending before the Supreme Court.

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