Lean chicken red-hot at 200/kg

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chickenBangaloreans are sure to chicken out when it comes to eating it. For, retail chicken prices have continued to remain high despite onset of the monsoon (in summer, chicken prices are high due to the high mortality of the birds in farms). The price has now touched the highest ever.

The price of frozen whole chicken has reached Rs 200, while boneless and specific parts retail for more. Dressed (cleaned and cut) chicken is retailing at between 170 and 180 and live chicken at between 130 and 140 per kg.

Sri Hari Reddy, president, Karnataka Hatcheries Association (KHA), said: “Chicken prices are high during summer due to high mortality of birds. During the season, it takes 42-43 days for chicken to reach a weight of 2 kg instead of the normal 38 days.”

Reddy also attributed the high cost to the feed, which accounts for nearly 80 per cent of the production cost. “Maize and soya prices have hit the roof, adding to the burden. However, rates will come down with the monsoon,” he said.

He also said that in some pockets of Bangalore, prices have been kept artificially high by retailers. “Some say prices are high because there is
no supply.”

The feed for farm-raised chicken consists mostly of maize and soya. Nanda Kumar, former KHA president, said, “Soya prices stand at 3,700 per quintal and are still rising. Maize prices touched 1,700 per quintal this month. Soya and maize constitute 70 to 75 per cent of the feed.”

Bangalore is a huge market for chicken. Every week, the city consumes 45 lakh chicken, which is approximately one crore kg of chicken. Of this, about 40,000 kg is consumed in one day of a week — Sunday. Chickens make their way from farms on Saturdays and end up on Bangalore’s plates the following day.

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