KMF milks customers for change

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nandini milk

 Each half-litre packet of Nandini toned milk and Shubham milk will contain 20 ml more milk and will cost 50 paise more from June 1.

The half-litre sachet of toned milk, which costs Rs. 13.50, will go up to Rs. 14 and Shubham milk (Rs. 16.50) will cost Rs. 17.

The price and quantity of all other KMF milk varieties will remain unchanged. A half-litre homogenised milk sachet will cost Rs. 16 and a 200 ml double-toned milk sachet will cost Rs 7.

Explaining the reason for this, an official release from the Karnataka Milk Federation said that the decimal pricing was causing a huge inconvenience to both customers and milk agents.

“Agents frequently complain that they are unable to return the exact change as 50 paise coins are virtually out of circulation,” said the press release.

The price of Nandini toned milk was revised on February 9, 2013 to Rs. 27 a litre.

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