Karnataka War: Tipu Sultan’s birthday as state event angers BJP

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Bangalore: The Congress government in Karnataka appears to be doing everything that the BJP has been opposing. After the controversial decisions on cow slaughter and take over of mutts the trouble now brewing is over the birthday celebrations of Tipu Sultan.

The state government has decided to celebrate Tipu’s birthday as a state event and the BJP has decided to protest terming the former ruler as a tyrant who forcibly converted people.

CM all praise for Tipu:
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who decided to mark Tipu’s birthday as a state event feels that a wrong picture of him is being painted. Tipu supported temples by giving funds. He even gave up his two sons to the British while fighting them. It is only right to honour him and celebrate his birthday as a state event the CM also contended.

BJP calls him a tyrant:
The BJP state leadership on the other hand describes Tipu as a tyrant who engaged in conversions. He has hurt sentiments of the people of Karnataka by forcibly converting the Hindus and we will oppose this tooth and nail. It just amounts to appeasement the BJP contended.

More fodder to fight:
It was only recently that the BJP had raised objection to the government withdrawing the ban on cow slaughter. Further the party also expressed surprise at an amendment which permitted the government to take up the administration of mutts which had trouble functioning. The government however clarified that the take over would happen only in case the mutts need it. It is not our intention to impose the government further clarified on the issue.

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