KJP leaders resolve to stay single and build party

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BANGALORE: It is down but its leaders seems to be stubborn in their stand on BJP. This was the mood among the KJP leaders who met here to do an analysis of the party’s performance in the assembly elections.

Though they passed a single line resolution authorizing B S Yeddyurappa to take appropriate decision on building the party in the state, besides maintaining it’s individual identity, leaders spoke in different tones.

The leaders who lost at the hands of BJP were highly critical of BJP and suggested Yeddyurappa not to show any kind of mercy towards BJP and its leaders who have started speaking in support of BSY and asking it’s leaders to mend ways with KJP chief.

Speaking to reporters, Dhananjay Kumar said leaders have firmly resolved to build the party in the coming days and prepare itself to face the Lok Sabha elections on it’s own.

“Now nobody will believe if we say that we will prepare ourselves and face Lok sabha elections on our own, all depends on our efforts and how strong we emerge on state’s political scene in coming days,” he said and added, “But this does not mean KJP leaders have lost their heart on building the party.”

Asked about possible alliances of KJP in future elections, Dhananjakumar who sounded realistic said no body will come to them unless they become strong. “We have to prove ourselves strong than others will take note of our presence and any claim on this score now will sound hollow,” he added.

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