Pakistan prisoner on hunger strike, shifted to hospital

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A Pakistani prisoner lodged in Hindalaga jail, on charges of plotting terror attacks in Mysore and Bangalore, was admitted to the district hospital on Saturday.

Mohammad Fahad was on hunger strike since May 8 as jail authorities had allegedly not allowed him to speak to his mother in Karachi.

Fahad (31) is the only Pakistani prisoner in Karnataka. He was arrested along with Ali Hussein, a Kashmiri who is now in Srinagar prison, by Mysore police on October 27, 2006. Fahad, whose family is basically from Kerala, was said to be a member of terror outfit Al-Badr.

Sources told the Express that he was moved to Belgaum as Fahad feared that he may be attacked by other prisoners in Gulbarga jail.

After Sarabjit Singh was killed in Lahore jail and in reaction to it a Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah Haq was beaten to death at Jammu prison, Fahad’s mother Zubeida Khanum was worried for her son. When she reportedly tried to contact him over the phone, the jail authorities allegedly did not allow it.

Zubeida, a retired teacher, is also reportedly worried as Fahad’s cell is adjoining the barracks of Dandupalya gang and Veerappan aides who are facing the capital punishment.

Jail authorities has not allowed Fahad to mingle with other jail inmates after the attack on Sarabijith Singh and  Sanaullah Haq.

Jail sources said Fahad family is praying for his safety and early release.

Fahad had visited India on a valid passport and visa to see his grandmother in Kerala. His relatives in Kerala have reportedly not met him, however, according to sources they did send clothes and food.

Fahad’s parents are ill and they have not sent their other two sons and four daughters to meet Fahad as they are reportedly scared.

In Pakistan Fahad used to give chemistry and mathematics tuition and hoped of completing higher studies.

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