Exploring ways to strengthen the party – BJP

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HUBLI: BJP leaders are now exploring ways to strengthen the party in Dharwad district and the north-Karnataka region as well to bag more MP seats in Lok Sabha election.

After huge set back to BJP in former CM Shettar’s home district-Dharwad and North-karnataka region, leaders are now trying to find out exact reason for their party’s debacle in the assembly election. Left with no other options, some BJP leaders are also taking experts opinion to know what went wrong with them. They are also taking suggestions from experts to improve the performance of the party in north-karnataka region.

It may be recalled here that BJP managed to win 36 MLA seats of 50 seats from north-karnataka and this region also played a vital role in bringing the BJP to power in 2008 election. But, this time, BJP managed to win only 13 seats. The party’s poor show in all most all districts of north-karnataka, strong hold of BJP left many leaders in dilemma.

Experts said, BJP had to suffer humiliation defeat in state particularly in north-karnatak region because of its alleged failure to tackle the drought situation and drinking water problem. North-Karnataka was hit by severe drought. Many people had to migrate to other states in search of jobs. The utter failure of BJP government to handle the drought situation and other crucial issues like drinking water problem, power crisis led the party to lose most of its seats in north-karnataka region, said experts.

Speaking to TOI some BJP leaders said, they are repenting for the mistake they committed during their tenure and now, they don’t want to repeat them again. So, they are now seeking suggestions from political pundits and experts to put up an impressive show in ensuing lok sabha election.

BJP District President Mahesh Tenginkai said, we are holding two-day meeting in Bangalore from Tuesday to chalk out further course of action to strengthen the party in the state and north-karnataka region.

Prof Harish Ramaswamy, political science department, KUD and political analyst said, BJP leaders should now focus on strengthening the party at grass root level and all leaders should have a good rapport with local people. Besides, they should also give equal importance to all castes rather than focusing only on lingayat community if they want to come back to power in the days to come.

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