Mirji will be back as city police chief

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BANGALORE: B G Jyothiprakash Mirji, who was transferred out of the city after the election dates were announced, will soon come back as Bangalore Police Commissioner.

The Additional Director General of Police-rank officer will replace Raghavendra Auradkar, who was brought in as commissioner to ensure smooth conduct of the Assembly polls.

“All officers transferred just before the polls will go back to the posts they held before the transfers after the election process formally comes to an end on May 11,’’ a senior government officer, who is in the know how of the developments told Express on Thursday. “Re-posting orders will be issued in a day or two.’’

Many IAS and IPS officers, including Mirji, were transferred on the directions of the Election Commission (EC) and were replaced by officers recommended by the EC.

The EC’s move had caused heartburn among both IAS and IPS officials. Mirji and a few other officers had challenged their transfers in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), which ruled in their favour. The EC had challenged the same in the High Court. During the hearing, the EC had submitted that the officers can be posted back after the poll process is completed.

“The High Court order is clear. All officers transferred before the elections will go back to their earlier  postings. They do not have to wait for re-posting orders. However, to ensure that the process is smooth, the government will issue re-posting orders,’’ the officer said.

While Auradkar refused to respond, Mirji was not available for comment.

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