“BJP” Shocked, Unhappy and upset over humiliating defeat in Karnataka

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 rajiv pratap

Mangalore, May 09: Aftermath of assembly election’s results were out, BJP said it was”shocked,upset and unhappy over the total rout out of BJP in the Karnataka Assembly elections and conceded that Yeddyurappa’s exit was a factor in the rout.

According to Rajiv Pratap Rudy-General secretary, BJP said that “We are shocked, upset and unhappy about the loss, which inflicted biggest ever injury to the party but there is a combination of several factors that led to the downfall of the morale of the cadre, he said.

He further said party will analyse the real cause of the loss and why it happened so and try to repair the damages done in which angle.

Another senior party leader Ravishankar Prasad said former party leader B S Yeddyurappa took away “good portion of BJP votes”.

However, he defended the decision on distancing from Yeddyurappa as there was a” serious issue of corruption and Lokayukta also took a cognizance”.


The party tried its best to accommodate Yeddyurappa but did not accede to “Yeddyurappa’s my way or highway attitude”.

“Certain issues are non-negotiable and corruption is one such issue” he said adding “since 1989, one who wins Karnataka loses Lok sabha and assured victory in forthcoming Lok sabha, he said

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