Languishing Garbage at the road brims.

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Ullal, September 10: The local panchayat has failed in providing the basic infrastructure in Deralakatte which is a developing area. The business men disband the litter and chicken meat waste in the main road, which is in front of Kanachur Public School in Deralakatte.

Konaje panchayat administrators are not disposing the waste collected here and hence it stinks badly. The institutions are close by to the school. Since the rotten garbage has ill effects on the health of students it has been brought to the notice of Konaje Panchayat authorities; but has fallen on deaf ears complained the locals.

Gram Panchayat in Konaje has erected a notice board not do dispose the waste, but is of no use. The panchayat has to indicate where to dispose the waste and take alternative measures. The tree over this place had fallen a day before due to heavy rain. Soil has fallen on the waste which was already dumped. Notice erected has fallen. The dumping of garbage has continued even on the brim of the road. Trash bags from hotels and fresh chicken meat waste are lying here. These bags appear like a witness to the question –who has dumped the waste bags here. But the public are questioning that who is going to take the action against this.

The Ministers, Zilla Panchayat members and MLA’s as well travel by the same road. But the garbage dumped by the road side does not seem to be a problem for them.  When queried, Konaje Panchayat Development officer said that only the area dumped by the garbage comes under their jurisdiction but those who dump garbage there do not come under their jurisdiction. Business men under the Belma Gram Panchayat limits are doing it. Let the Belma Pancayat take action on this issue would be the answer.

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