Duo from the district stuck at Kashmir

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Udupi, September8: Two photographers had left to Kargil from Udupi have been detained there due to the cloud burst in Srinagar at Jammu-Kashmir.

Renowned photographer Focus Mr Raghu (Raghu Koodangala) and one more photographer Mr Harish from Kundapur are stuck there. Nearly 15 members from different states joined together to visit Ladhakh. From there along with Raghu and Harish, Vilas and Shadashiv from Meeraj had left to Bhavana Kargil in Bhopal. The rest from the group had remained at Ladhakh.

Due to cloud burst at Srinagar, heavy floods have affected this area and hence the vehicles are unable to commute. So vehicles are not commuting out of Kargil. These four members have remained at kargil since four days.

It is learnt that the four are out of danger since there are no floods at Kargil.

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