One fine evening

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Mangalore, May 3: It was a calm, peaceful and amazing place with nice breeze blowing on to my chin amidst hillocks and mountains on my way to my residence.

It was the same moment, where I could see every beauty of daily sun rise and sun set by focusing my camera near to my eyes.


One day, it was around 6.00 p m after alighting from the bus, as it was my daily practice to pass through that way with my camera always on my hand.

This was the scene of that moment of sunset, where sun was trapped in between the trunks of the lonely tree but I could not catch it in spite of my desperate efforts!!!!


However, Ah! finally I had a sigh of satisfaction, as I could capture the beauty of that beautiful scene of sunset at least through my camera. I love nature.

Bye!! Ta!! Ta !! now I am going for day’s rest,see you tomorrow morning again.Entire day I have given whole world light,now don’t you think that I too must rest……..

 This what crazy life !!!!!!!!!!!!


Photo click: By Navya Anekal

Report courtesy :Shekar


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