Women And Law-Workshop Organized.

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Mangalore, August 23: On Saturday August 23rd, the District Legal Services Authority in Mangalore, Mangalore Bar Association, Department of Women and Child Development, Mangalore and District International Lions Clubs 317-D organized a ‘Workshop on Women and Law’ at Devadigara Sabha Bhavana in Mannagudda.

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Advocate Udayananda A, the resource person of the programme said that, “Harassment of women in India has increased. Even in Ramayana and Mahabharata it is depicted that women were being harassed. The safety of women in our country in the past was better where no Indian had the guts to harass her. But now it is increased. Women should stand and fight for their safety. This is how women can survive in our country and become role models to everyone”.

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He also spoke on the topic, ‘protection of women from domestic violence act and law of maintenance’.

He said that, “In European countries, each person knows the law and order of his nation. But in India people do not have much knowledge about the laws. All are equal in the society; one should not threaten the constitutional rights. Till now we never did gender discrimination, but selfishness ruins s. We have lost the bond between our relatives”.

He also said that people could correct their mistakes when they were living in joint families and disasters created by humans were mainly because of broken family relationships.

“None should misuse the law or break the law. We should not mislead anyone. There are many organizations which are working towards the safety and betterment of women. They need not approach the court all the time for justice. All the lawyers get most of the news through the media. We should not have a negative thought on any kind of problem, instead we have to see to it that the problem will not happen again”, he added.

Further speaking on the topic, he suggested men to change their attitude towards women.

“Any case which is under the investigation should be quickly solved within one year or in six months. It should not be prolonged to 10 or 20 years. The third chapter in constitutional rights says that the fundamental rights are guaranteed to every citizen of India. It is not only the fundamental rights, it is also the responsibility of every person to look after those rights”, he said.

The “District Legal Services Authority office door will always be opened to everyone”, he added.

During the session, a lady questioned regarding the moral policing done on boy and girl.

Udayananda said that, “If anyone does moral policing or take law into their own hands, they ought to be punished. When a person is in trouble, we should help him. That is when we can call our society stable.”

President of Mangalore Bar Association, P Ashok Ariga was invited as guest of honour. Reminding the death of ‘ Dr U R Ananthamurthy’ he said, “It is a sad day for us because he was always speaking on the betterment of women”.

“Court is the last door for every unsolved problem. But people go to court to solve silly matters”, he stated.

In this occasion, the guests were welcomed by the Chief Guest, Ganesha B, Honourable Senior Civil Judge and member secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Mangalore and advocate P Ranjan Rao delivered his talk on ‘Property Rights’.

In this gathering, Lion H S Manjunatha Murthy, Anitha Kini, Arun Shetty, T Keshava Prasad and others were also present.

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