Cow killed by leapord, localities panic

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Belman, Aug 09: A cow belonging to Santosh Poojary, resident of Kaloli was killed by a leopard on Thursday, Aug 07. The leapord which is on prowl in Kadandale is triggering panic among people by mauling dogs, chicken, cats and cows closer to plantations.

The cow was dragged from the shed by the leopard. The body of the half eaten cow with pug marks was found near the Government school.

The villagers are alleging that the forest department officials are not providing any support to them even though they have frequently complained about the damage caused by the wild animals.

Prashanth, Sub Divisional Forest Officer who examined the spot said cages will be laid by the department to trap the carnivore. Santosh Poojary was promised of receiving suitable compensation.

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