Election officials and police in Joint operation; seized items used for election campaign!!!

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Mangalore/Kundapur, May1: It has been reported that a vehicle carrying T-shirts, caps and banners belonging to Krishna Bharatkal, JD (U) candidate was intercepted near Kundapur old bus stand after giving a heavy chase by election sector officer Kubera Reddy for violating the election code of conduct.


Election officers and the police team led by SI Jayaram Reddy in joint operation seized vehicle with T-shirts,caps,banners,pamphlets,flags,shawls without relevant documents used for election campaign.

Kundapur police registered a case against Bharatkal for violation of poll code conduct by wearing JD (U) T-shirt.


Bharatkal alleged that he had been made a sacrifice goat of political vendetta and he was not transporting items illegally, yet the sector officer intercepted my vehicle and abused me and used filthy languages against me. When his driver went to the police to produce the relevant documents, he was reprimanded and taken to the police station, he added.

He was using his own private vehicle and sought permission from circle inspectos of Brahmavar and Kundapur.The pamphlets found in his vehicle were with supporting documents, details of the expenditure has already been submitted to state election commission.

All these explanations, election officers did not listen and in vain and contemplating to file a complaint of  abuse against two of the sector officers, he said.

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