Redressal meeting of scheduled caste: Incident of police commissioner waiting for members

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Mangalore, April 29: It has been reported that importance of holding scheduled caste/tribe’s monthly grievance meeting, being conducted by police commissioner every month, has lost its prominancy.In a strange incident police commissioner had to wait for the members to arrive for the meeting instead of other way around.

Although prior information has been given that meeting will be held at 10.00 a.m, none of the members arrived to meeting till 10.40 p.m with the exception of two members, sources said.

However some time later, along with police commissioner, assistant commissioners Muthuraya and Dharmayya arrived. After having waited for sometime people started arriving one by one and finally meeting started at 10.48 a.m.it said.

When Kamala a resident of Amblamogaru put her grievance in Tulu, assistant commissioner of Mangalore south sub office T.R.Jagannath convinced her by interfering in between.

She further said that two loads of stone belongs to her has been caught by police but now neither my two loads of stones nor SI, who caught my two loads of stones, not traceable. When assistant commissioner T R Jagannath was trying to pacify Kamala about the release of the stones caught by the police through court, Kamala requested the police commissioner to get it released for her. Police commissioner had a tough time in convincing Kamala.

Ashok Konchady alleged Kavur police of politicizing the case of differences between two families of Shantinagara and in the pretext of election, Tahsildar’s bail petition of women from accused houses has been suppressed, he charged.

Further Konchady alleged that now the poor coolies have to waste their daily half day for visiting tahsildar’s office for redressal of their grievances without any fruitful return. Is there any justification in that, he questioned?

When P Keshava demanded to register a case against the people who are indulged in distributing illegal alchohol, patrol on duty is not willing to take any action, alleged SP Anand.

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