Kemar Mutt Swamiji demands speedy probe into Sowjanya and Sarika case

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Mangalore, May 15: Sri Esha Vittaldasa Swamiji of Kemar Saandeepani Saadana Ashram met City Police Commissioner R Hitendra on May 14, Wednesday and submitted a memorandum in his office urging speedy probe and justice into Soujanya rape and murder case along with human sacrifice case of Sarika of Sullia.

In the memorandum, Swamiji stated that he was dissatisfied over the police department for their failure to provide justice into both the cases. He also demanded suitable compensation for victims’ families of both the cases.

Later, speaking to the media, Swamiji said that it is sad to see the response of commissioner, who received the memorandum from us and kept it in a corner and did not utter any assurance to the delegation. I am not a personality but working as a religious head, working for a social cause. The commissioner did not allow media representatives to enter his chamber while submitting the memorandum and such kind of response is my first experience.


Prior submitting memorandum to Commissioner, Swamiji also submitted the memorandum to deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that the government have handed over the Sowjanya rape and murder case to CBI probe and people are asking about the progress and hence the government must reveal the status of the case to the people through the media. The CBI must complete their probe in the given time without any delay, he added.

It is recalled that 17-year-old Soujanya, student of SDM Ujire was found allegedly raped and murdered near Dharmasthala in Beltangady in October 2012. On the pressure of public and media, the case was handed over to CoD, but the report went I vain and after an year, CBI team arrived in Beltangady to probe, but has not reported any progress in the case.

While in the human sacrifice case of Sarika, daughter of Mohandas and Bhavani of Nadugallu, who had suddenly disappeared in August 2013 and was sacrificed for a hidden treasure also have been reported providing no justice as well as compensation to the victim’s family.

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