Kabir shoot out case: Hunger strike by BKS, Effigy of CM SIddaramaiah burnt

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Mangalore, May 10: A Two-day hunger strike was staged by Bharata Kranti Sena in front of the DC office demanding to withdraw the murder case against ANF constable Naveen Naik in the Kabir Shootout case, here on May 10. Effigy of CM SIddaramaiah was also burnt by the protesters.

President of Bharata Kranti Sena, Prananvananda Swamiji addressing the protesters said that, ANF constable Naveen Naik was just performing his duty. Kabir tried to run at the checkpost, when he was transporting cattle illegally, the ANF constable thinking that he was a Naxal had shot at him.


“If slaughtering cattle is the occupation of Muslims, then protecting the cows is the duty of Hindus. Police duty is to file a case against the protesters, we are ready to go to jail for protecting the cows we worship as Gomatha. The congress government especially, U T Khader, Moideen Bava, K J George and Siddaramaiah are responsible for communal violence in the district. The MLAs, MPs and the political leaders are not the representatives of one particular community, they are the representatives of the people of the district as well as in the state. Hindustan being a Hindu nation, we have not asked the Muslims and Christians to go out and stay in other countries. We Hindus have given a place to Christians and Muslims to stay in this country,” he added.

Swamiji mentioned that, “In India Muslims were only 8% in 1947 but their population has increased to 26% and in Pakistan Hindus were 23% but now they have been reduced to 7%. In India Muslims are given all the freedom but in Pakistan Hindus have no freedom.”


Talking about Congress, he said, “In Congress some of the rapists and rowdies have become ministers. Along with Shaadi Bhagya, the government has also introduced one more crime plan which rapists will get Rs 5 lakh, murderers Rs 7 lakh and Cow slaughterers Rs 15 lakhs.”

Shri Shri Saradar Sevalal Swamiji from Chithradurga, Rajesh Poojary, Sundar G,Lohith Kumar, Uday Shanker devadiga, Rajesh Pavitran, Shravan Kumar, KumarMalemar and Lokesh were also present.

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