Bhramarakotlu Toll plaza attack: main accused arrested

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Bantwal, May 06: As a major progress in the Bhramarakotlu toll plaza attack, two were arrested on May 5th, this brought the total number of arrested to 5. Hussainaar and Shameer, residents of Shanthi Angadi have been arrested.

Hussainaar is also the chief accused in the Kalladka disturbance.  There are 3 police cases against him and an arrest warrant in a former law breaking case. It was not possible to arrest him even though police raided his house several times.

Sameer who sustained hand injury was undergoing treatment in the hospital, later had escaped from hospital and also leading to resignation of the circle inspector.

Bantwal’s circle inspector B.K. Manjaiah after taking office has successfully arrested 5 principal accused.

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