21 couples enter into wedlock through mass marriage at Rosario Cathedral

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Mangalore, May 4: Around 21 couples entered into wedlock at the 40th mass marriage ceremony organized by St Vincent De Paul Society at Rosario Cathedral on May 4, Sunday. The ceremony began with a Eucharistic Mass.

Participating as main celebrant, Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza said advised couples to lead a happy married life.

Mass_Marriage_Rosario_2 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_3 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_4 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_5 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_6 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_7

He also said that Marriage is a sacred institution, which needs to be treasured. The community is getting smaller since the couples are opting for one-child policy.

Mass_Marriage_Rosario_8 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_9 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_19 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_31 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_34 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_37 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_38

After the ceremony, the couples accompanied with music bands, proceeded to Rosario school ground where formal stage function was held.

Participating as the chief guest MLA J R Lobo raised the toast. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Marriage is beautiful gift of god, which helps society to have the beautiful family and nation to grow.

Mass_Marriage_Rosario_10 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_11 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_12 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_13 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_14 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_15 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_16

He also said that these days’ people go for grand wedding ceremony, where a bulk amount of money is wasted, but the simple marriages held to mass marriages will set an example for the future generation.

Newly wedded couple Harish D’Souza Panja and Stella D’Souza spoke on behalf of other couples.

Mass_Marriage_Rosario_17 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_18 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_20 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_21 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_22 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_23 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_24

Mass_Marriage_Rosario_25 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_26




Mass_Marriage_Rosario_29 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_30 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_32 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_33

Mass_Marriage_Rosario_35 Mass_Marriage_Rosario_36

The organization handed over the gifts worth Rs 10,000 to each couple, including Rs 5,000 as fixed deposit, a saree and a pressure cooker.

Parish priest of Rosario Fr J B Crasta welcomed the guests and gathering. John D’Silva compered the programme. Secretary of SSVP Maurice Monteiro thanked the gathering.

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