Congress government is transforming Rama Rajya into ‘Ravana Rajya’: C T Ravi

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Mangalore, May 3: Former BJP minister and Chikmagalur MLA C T Ravi said that state government has failed to maintain law and order in the district and accused district incharge minister Ramanath Rai to be responsible for the recent incidents of crime and transforming the district in ‘Ravana Rajya’.

Speaking at press meet at the district BJP office on May 3, Saturday, he said that Congress party in the district is playing communal politics to appease the minority community in every possible way.

He also said that a terrorist who was mastermind behind the Chennai train blast had boarded a train from Subrahmanya, which proves that district is becoming a destination for the terrorists.


Speaking on the Kabeer shoot out case, Ravi said that state government, which has declared Rs 10 lakh as compensation to the family of Kabeer, who was recently shot dead by the ANF in Sringeri before the CBI report was submitted, has turned blind to the death of Swathi in the Bangalore-Guwahati train blasts at Chennai.

He also said that Congress-led state government minister have become the issues for their shameless controversies, where minister Abhayachandra Jain is known to have threaten to assault journalist, whereas Ramanath Rai have been said to have involved in Brahmarakootlu toll gate vandalism. In order to prevent such instances, BJP in the coming days will stage a massive protest ‘Ramanath Rai Hattao’, to restore peace in the district.

MP candidate Nalin Kumar Kateel, Capt Ganesh Karnik and others were present.

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