Rise in water level in wells and streams, Parkala residents in a state of confusion

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Udupi, Apr 25: Water level in wells and streams were found to be increased. Residents of Parkala were in a state of confusion because the water usually dries up in summer.

Over the week, despite the absence of rain, about a dozen wells have gradually filled with water. This has brought a sense of relief and joy to the residents. This natural phenomenon is seen by some as a divine blessing.


In Kelaparkala water had completely dried up, but over last week or so, water has begun to appear again and the level has steadily increased. The residents said that they had never seen such a phenomenon before.


Geologists have found a scientific reason for this, they said such sudden appearance of water may be a sign of an imminent earthquake. They believe that water appears on the surface of earth in this manner when a layer of the soil gives way.


This has created some level of anxiety amongst the people, but as we Indians always do, people have chosen to go with the positive aspect of this incident. They are happy that they will not have to face a shortage of water in peak summer.

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