Minor girl raped twice, three men involved, accused go missing

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Bantwal, Apr 25: Two married men took a ninth standard student to Madikeri and allegedly raped her. The incident came to light on Wednesday April 23, after knowing this the parents of the girl filed police complaint at Vittal station.

The story began when the minor girl visited a shop in Vittal few days back to recharge her cell phone. At that time, Bobbekeri Basheer had noted down her cell phone number, and made it a habit to call her every day. In course of time, he earned her confidence by claiming to be in love with her, and projecting himself as an eligible bachelor. He drew up a plan to rape her once he became sure that the girl had trusted him completely.

On April 18, Basheer called the girl at around 8.30 pm, and informed her that he would be arriving near her home. When the girl came out to meet Basheer, he made her to sit in his car. His friend, Radhukatte Basheer, was already seated in the car, he faces cases of motor bike thefts. They tactfully took the girl to a deserted spot near Madikeri and raped her there.

On April 19, after returning home, Radhukatte Basheer reportedly called her and promised to marry her, he then invited her to his home and raped her again.

A person named Karyadi Jabbar came to know of these incidents, planning to rape the girl again, he called her to come with him, when the girl refused to do so, he threatened to kill her.

The relatives of the girl got these details after verifying the phone calls in the cell phone of the girl, and questioning her. Jabbar, who faced the ire of the girl’s relatives, succeeded in escaping from their clutches. Radhukatte Basheer, Bobbekeri Basheer and Jabbar, all have gone into hiding since then.

The girl, who is in a state of shock, is being treated in a hospital in Deralakatte. Radhukatte Basheer was put behind bars a number of times for stealing motor bikes, while the other Basheer had been manhandled by the people many a time for eve teasing.

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