Govt. should start bothering about other citizens as well: Pratap Simha Nayak

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Mangalore, April 24: “Water problem is a major issue this year, last year water was scant in 26 village Panchayats but this year it has increased to 43 village Panchayats. Govt. should also look into these issues of citizens,” said Pratap Simha Nayak in a press meet held at BJP office here on Thursday. 

Addressing the media persons he said, “People are very much in need of water and the supply of water to these places can be done only through water tankers. Ground water is reducing day by day, District administration and Govt. has not taken care of this issue. It is our duty to bring this into notice as an opposition party.”


He alleged that the district administration which had not initiated progress works  citing the poll code of conduct, has still not evinced interest in redressing the woes of the public even after the relaxation of poll code of conduct.

“Crops have been destroyed in Belthangadi and surrounding areas due to the natural calamity occurred few weeks back, farmers have lost lakhs of rupees. Govt. should compensate these farmers, the funds should be released immediately. People in DK district are facing electricity problems and Govt. has raised electricity charges. What kind of governance is this? It is necessary to think about these issues first,” he added.


Talking about Kabeer’s case he said, “The Govt is creating complications, one minister is asking for CBI probe and other is asking for CID probe. They are trying to gain religious advantage with this case. The case should be handled without any prejudice.”

Captain Ganesh Karnik, Devdas Shetty, Diwakar Achar and Venkatesh Achar were present at the press meet.

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