Attack on tollgate officials: congress leaders interfere, says BJP

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Mangalore, April 21: “The police department has failed in taking action towards the criminals who have twice attacked tollgate officials. They are following instructions from Congress leaders and are being manipulated. CC camera footage has clearly shown the faces of criminals, what are the police waiting for? This is not the right thing to do,” said BJP leaders of Dakshina kannada.

Tolget_worker_attch_2 Tolget_worker_attch_3 Tolget_worker_attch_4 Tolget_worker_attch_5

“The incident had occurred 4 days back and the criminals are still roaming freely. The accused are closely related to Congress leader Thumbe Prakash Shetty, they were also involved in many other criminal cases. Police department is being partial and we are against this. If actions are not taken immediately, we are going to conduct a major protest,” warned BJP through its announcement.

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