Couple undergo fast in front of DC office, AC promises to rectify the issue within 24 hrs.

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Manipal, April 12: “Disciplinary action should be taken against electoral officers responsible for the error of names in electoral rolls,” saying so, a married couple took up a fast in front of the Manipal deputy commissioner’s office.  The fast which began on Friday morning, ended on the same evening.


The couple had been living in Mumbai for many years and in the year 2003 they returned to their native place Herga, a small village.  The couple were known as Gopal Appu Kotiar and his wife Sunanda G. Kotiar.  On February 6th they brought to the notice of the concerned authorities by submitting an application to enter their names in the electoral rolls. However their names were not added to the rolls. On Friday morning April 11th the couple went on a fast at 10.30 a.m. in Rajatadri before the Deputy Commissioner’s office.


The Deputy commissioner Dr. Muddu Kumar taking notice of the protest by the couple informed them that an investigating team had been formed and the Tahshildar and Grama Karunik had been issued a show cause notice.  Thus he appealed to them to give up the protest.

Not agreeing to the view point of the deputy commissioner they decided to continue the stir. Even though the application was submitted as per rules not rectifying the omission was a mistake of the authorities concerned. This is a big scam.  A nationwide people awareness stir was required and we need justice.  Include our names in the electoral rolls and give us the right to vote if not we are ready to go to jail said the married couple.


Later as evening approached the Deputy Commissioner Muddu Kumar handed over a letter to the couple and requested them to give up the protest. The letter contained information concerning the formation of a committee and to submit its report within 24 hours. The Kundapura deputy district officer was to head the committee. If any grievous error could be traced to the concerned officials action will be taken against the official said the DC in the letter. On this score the married couple discontinued their protest in the evening at 4.45 P.M.

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