AAP volunteer car with 60 caps and pamplets seized

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Mangalore, April 9: AAM AADMI Party Dakshina Kannada reported that the car belonging to Dr. Mohammad Manseeb, an AAP volunteer was seized by the police at Talapadi Junction on April 8th, because it had 60 Caps, 50 pamphlets and an unused donation book in it. The car is currently at the Ullal police station.

“These items were left over from a previous evening’s event and just happened to be in the car.” said Dr. Manseeb. “I am a practicing doctor and use the car to go to work. Taking my car away makes things extremely difficult for me to go about doing my work.”

“This amounts to unnecessary harassment and thoughtlessness by the police. It is not like there were bundles of campaign material or cash in the vehicle. I wonder what the police will do if they catch me with my backpack with 100 caps and 100 pamphlets riding my bicycle. Will they seize my bicycle.” said Rajan Shastri.

The case is being looked into by the police.

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