Rain spurts in Mangalore, brings bliss and grief

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Mangalore, April 8: Rain lashed Mangalore city on Tuesday evening. The sudden burst of rain brought relief from the blazing heat and also distress to people as it took away three lives and caused damage to properties. This is the first time rain hit the city, though the district has been experiencing rain in taluks of Karkala, Sullia, Belthangady, Puttur for the last few days.


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Three persons died due to lightning in the coast. An elderly lady named Lilly D’Souza (80) died after a coconut tree got uprooted on her at Ullal Millathnagar. She was sitting on the platform of her house when the fallen tree crushed her to death.

A youth lost his life due to lightning at Mangalpady near Kumble, Kasargod. Irshad (19), he was killed by the lightning while he was waiting by the roadside at Kukkar near Mangalpady. Bushra (38), Irshad’s mother, who was with her son at the time, suffered serious injuries. She was shifted to a hospital in Mangalore for treatment.

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Bogra Gowda (80), a resident of Puduvettu in Beltangady taluk, died instantly after lightning struck him on Tuesday evening. Bogra Gowda was in front of his house, when he was hit by lightning. A lady named Aisamma (60) and Jameela (30) from Beltangady-Totadday village suffered grievous injuries due to lightning. Both of them were rushed to a hospital in Mangalore for treatment.

People, especially students and office-goes were rushing for cover  as it started raining around 5.45p.m.There were people who welcomed the rain with open arms, soaking in the cool raindrops and simply cherishing the moment. With children having their summer holidays were seen enjoying the rain.

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Due to lightning, a coconut tree caught fire at Agrar Gumpakallu in B Mooda village. Three electric poles were razed to the ground due to the falling of a huge tree on power lines at Koonadka near Puttur. About 50 sheets covering a hall in Halamajalu in Subrahmanya were blown away. The court complex in Beltangady suffered damage due to a fallen tree.



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