Can Apple be grown in your Backyard???

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Mangalore, April 22: Believe it or not, now apples can be grown in Karnataka as reported by one of the many farmers, who achieved this feat is Hirembady Kaatukukke Krishna shetty of Uppinangady in Puttur taluk.

This progressive Shetty had planted apple saplings in his farm near uppinangadi three years ago and it is now bearing fruit. This robust growth of apple has solved many people’s doubt that whether apples can be grown in tropical climate or not?

Horticultural Scientist C Parmar while delivering a talk on the subject at Sharada Vidyalaya on April 20, Saturday said that tropical temperature is ideal for growing apples in our backyard.

He also gave an example of a farmer from Tumkur, who had planted saplings has begun bearing fruits and Saplings planted in Sringeri in 2011 have also begun to flower, he added.

Care should be taken to ensure that temperature does not fall below 10 degrees centigrade or go above 40 degree centigrade.Sapplings can be planted between coconut and areca palms or in the open, he mentioned.

Narrating Shetty’s experience, he had bought sapling for Rs.80 and had 22 saplings in his farm and all had grown to a height of four to five feet. Anyone can take cue and start growing apples and so far 1200 saplings have been disbursed in the state, he added.

‘Adike Patrike’editor Shree Padre pointed out that apples were grown in Bangalore 50 years ago.

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  1. Hi,
    I was thrilled to read your write-up on growing apples. I just could’nt believe. I live in a hot place called Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh (Not yet divided). Do you think I can grow apples in my backyard? How can I contact you?
    Varaprasad Annu

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