DC holds price increase in National highway 48 toll, AAP influences the move

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Mangalore, April 2: AAM AADMI Party Dakshina Kannada achieved a major success in convincing the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. A.B. Ibrahim, to exercise his powers to stay the price increase of Mangalore-Bengaluru National Highway 48 Toll.

AAP volunteers headed by Mr. M.R. Vasudeva protested at the Brahma Kootlu Toll Gate to register their objection. This toll increase was put in effect without any prior notice to the public. A volunteer arriving at the AAP office produced a receipt showing the increase and that is how we found out.


“The government just can’t spring surprises on the people like this. Our immediate response was to make our position very clear in objecting to this increase. We contacted the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. A.B. Ibrahim, apprised him of the situation. The DC took prompt action and stayed the price increase.” said Mr. M.R. Vasudeva.

The Election Commission clearly states that no price adjustments can be made during the Election period. AAP strongly condemns this price increase and believes there are hidden motives prompting it.


“This is a classic case of “Bid Low” and “Jack Up” the price later with some bogus justification given. Public-Private-Partnership ventures such as this should open their books periodically for auditing to verify costs incurred in operation, maintenance and recovery of investment.” said Rajan Shastri, an AAP volunteer.

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