A huge tree rolls over three parked vehicles near Bunts Hostel Circle

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Mangalore, April 1: A  huge tree rolled over a three parked vehicles damaging it completely near the Bunts Hostel Circle on March 31, Monday evening.

Tree_coleps_Pics_2 Tree_coleps_Pics_3 Tree_coleps_Pics_4 Tree_coleps_Pics_5 Tree_coleps_Pics_6 Tree_coleps_Pics_7 Tree_coleps_Pics_8

A Duster and a Zen were among the three vehicles damaged in the mishap, which were parked beneath the tree located near Electrical Point near the Bunts Hostel Circle.

Tree_coleps_Pics_17 Tree_coleps_Pics_9 Tree_coleps_Pics_10 Tree_coleps_Pics_11 Tree_coleps_Pics_12 Tree_coleps_Pics_13 Tree_coleps_Pics_14 Tree_coleps_Pics_15 Tree_coleps_Pics_16

Immedietely, Traffic police rushed to the spot  and helped in vacaing the branches of tree fallen on road and ensured smotth moving of traffic.

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