Fishing boat sinks into the sea: six fishermen saved

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Mangalore, March 31: A boat that was undertaking deep sea fishing has sank into the sea due to technical malfunction. The six fishermen present in the boat were saved. This incident occurred today morning 10 nautical away from the shore.

It is learnt that the boat named Samrudhi was owned by Mohammed Nasir, boat faced some technical problem while it was on deep sea fishing, it started sinking due to this. Mohammed Kabir, Laxmidar, Rahul, Bheer, Sushant and Hardh were present in the boat during the incident. They were saved by another fishing boat named Suvarna Sagar, which was sailing on the same route. The fishermen in the sinking boat started blinking their torch and signaled the other boat, this was noticed by the other boat and the fishermen were saved.

The boat which was under water has been brought to the shore with the help of other two boats. It was found that there was a patch under the boat and this was the reason for it to sink.

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