Mangalore: Super souls celebrate Holi with much enthusiasm and zest

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Mangalore: Holi, the festival of colors, on this occasion The Super Souls team visited Bala samrakshana Kendra, kuthar pavdu, Mangalore and celebrated holi with kids of the ashram as a part of their Super Sunday activity on March 16, Sunday with traditional fervor and gaiety.

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Super souls volunteers celebrated Holi by splashing colours on kids. They also distributed sweets and delicacies.

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It was celebrated with eco-friendly items with all the seven colours of the spectrum representing one thing or the other such as red and pink gulal being associated with happiness, green with prosperity, yellow with hope, blue with the sky and ocean and so on was being splashed just about everywhere and on everyone, there were also a lot of silver and gold which seemed to be more popular and permanent oil colours were strictly prohibited.

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Chithramitra, Team zero gravity, Kishan jack, Suhasini akka, social worker, Cinepolis staffs, Varnodar, Team Qrious LABZ, DJ Vipin, Students of Srinivas school of engineering added more color to the celebration.

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