Kundapur: Which party side may be the mind of Halady Shreenivasa Shetty..?Shetty declines to reveal the secrete..!!Shobha visits Halady’s residence

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Kundapur; March 15: Legislator Halady Shreenivasa Shetty, who resigned from the party after the resentment with BJP party and stood as an independent candidate in the last assembly election and emerged victorious with huge majority. Now the question haunting is among his fans, lovers and other party members, whether he has returned to BJP party again? In the backdrop of this, Udupi-Chikmaglur constituency’s BJP candidate Shobha Karandlaje visited the residence of Halady on March 15, Saturday afternoon and held a discussion with him for some time.


After arriving to Kundapur on Saturday, Shobha Karandlaje paid a visit to Aanegudde Vinayaka temple and from there she went straight away to Halady’s residence. Shobha, who returned after discussing with Halady for some time, did not give any response to the media.


Thereafter, addressing the reporters in the convened press conference in Kundapur, she said that Halady Shreenivasa Shetty is son of the house, who has gone from the house of BJP due to resentment in the party. Since his popularity, influence is high in this region, party leaders are trying to bring him back to the party. Since Halady has got good faith, impression on me, I have visited his residence, she said.


She further added that she has spoken with Halady about the necessity of unity in the process of nation building, his presence in the party at this stage is inevitable. Therefore she hopes that Halady would return to party.

Responding to the media personnel Halady said at his residence that I had contested as an independent candidate in the last assembly election, people have given unprecedented success. I am a free bird now and hence I remain as neutral in the upcoming Loka Sabha election and I won’t support any party this time. Answering the question asked by the reporters about his supporters joining BJP Party, he said that I will not give any suggestions to the supporters and going and not going to the party, this matter is left to them.

According to Halady’s close friend’s source, though Halady has not taken any decision about joining BJP party, within a couple days, an important decision is likely to be announced. Likewise according to BJP’s positive source, Halady will return to BJP party, confidently said.

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