Johny Lever releases audio CD of tulu movie ‘Rang’

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Mangalore, Mar 10: The audio release of the Tulu movie  ‘Rang’ was held at a glittering ceremony titled ‘Rangda Parba’ at Nehru Maidan on March 9, Sunday.

Bollywood  comedy king  Johny Lever released the music album of the movie in the presence of DK District in-charge Minister Ramanatha Rai, MLA Moidin Bava and entrepreneur AJ Shetty.

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Johny Lever enthralled the  gathering  with a dramatic entry into the  stage and eminent magician Kudroli Ganesh made Johny appear from thin air.

Speaking in Tulu with his own style, Johny Lever said that he was happy to act in a Tulu film and urged the people of Tulunad to accept him as their own.

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The lead pair of Rang  Arjun Kapikad and Deekshitha Acharya danced to the title song of the movie, while New Ocean Kids Troupe presented  mesmerizing dance performances on the occasion.

RJ Arpith, VJ Vineeth, and VJ Rahul compered the programme.

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