Bava’s assets rise more than 12 times

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The value of assets of Mohiuddin Bava, the Congress candidate from Mangalore North assembly constituency, has increased by Rs. 14.21 crore since 2008 when it was valued at Rs. 1.17 crore. In 2008, he lost to BJP’s J. Krishna Palemar. The two are locking horns again this time.

The declared assets of Mr. Bava and his wife Nageena Mohiuddin Bava this year has been valued at Rs. 15.38 crore. Mr. Bava and his wife possess immovable properties (lands, commercial buildings and residential buildings) worth Rs. 10.95 crore. Mr. Bava had immovable property worth Rs. 2.5 lakh in 2008. The couple have invested Rs. 3.29 crore in Bava Infrastructure Developers, Bava Mines and Minerals, Mangala Lime and Marine Industries and Mangala Transport and Fish Fertilizers. Two luxury Sports Utility vehicles – valued at Rs. 45 lakh and Rs. 12 lakh – are among the eight four-wheelers that Ms. Bava possesses.

Mr. Bava has filed income tax for Rs. 8.97 lakh, while his wife has filed income tax for Rs. 9.05 lakh in March 2012. The liability of Mr. Bava has decreased from Rs. 99.7 lakh in 2008 to Rs. 71.77 lakh now.

Khader’s assets

The value of Congress MLA U.T. Khader’s assets has risen by Rs. 13.09 lakh to Rs. 1.11 crore. He is seeking re-election from the Mangalore Assembly constituency. The value of the total assets declared by Mr. Khader, his wife Lamees Khader and daughter Hawwa Naeema was Rs. 98.12 lakh in 2008.

He has filed income tax of Rs. 2.75 lakh for the year 2011-2012.

Assets of senior Janata Dal (Secular) leader K. Amarnath Shetty — a former Minister who is contesting from Moodbidri — has doubled since 2008.

The value of the total declared assets has grown from Rs. 1.42 crore to Rs. 2.94 crore.

He and his wife have filed separate income tax returns that totals Rs. 7.43 lakh.

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