Udupi: Pre-planned assault for converting religion; Humair

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Udupi;Feb 27 : Girish alias Humari,aged 28,alleged  that it was a pre-planned  fatal attack on him by a group of 10-12 people in the pretext of  eve-teasing for converting to Muslim religion.

Humair, the victim of fatal assault by a group in Kelanejar on Feb 24, who is receiving treatment in Udupi private hospital, has decided to lodge a complaint with District superintendent of police in this connection.

It was told that when he was going from Nejar towards Nidmballi through Santhekatte-Kalyanpur road, one Jayant asked for a drop near the mosque and he took him along with him. After that, bike was parked at Kelanejar and he snatched the key from him. Then there, a group of 10-12 people comprising of Amit Santhekatter,Appu tailor,Sujit,Rajesh,Rakesh,Sharat,Satish,Naveen,Umesh,Raghu and Uday arrived and slapped on his cheek, punched on the face with hands and then hit on his head with bat, injuring him fatally, he alleged.

Besides they also abused him with filthy languages, gave him life threatening with dire consequences, if he does not return to Hindu religion from Muslim religion. Then they called five young girls from Kelanejar and forcefully asked them to give complaint against him. He did not tease girls and all these were done deliberately, he alleged.

He has already lodged complaint in Malpe, also he will give complaint to SP and even Malpe police have abused him with filthy languages. He has converted to Muslim religion around 7-8 years ago and leading a respectable life with his wife ethically and with family members also he maintained good relation. Humair, given statement to news paper


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