Flower show at Kadri Park attracts huge visitors

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Mangalore, Feb 16: DK District in-charge Minister B Ramanatha Rai inaugurated the flower show to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the Department of Horticulture at Kadri Park on February 15, Saturday.

Kadri_Park_Eximision_2 Kadri_Park_Eximision_3 Kadri_Park_Eximision_4 Kadri_Park_Eximision_5 Kadri_Park_Eximision_6

Speaking on the occasion, he said that state government has always promoted farm sector through implementation of various schemes for farming community.

Kadri_Park_Eximision_7 Kadri_Park_Eximision_8 Kadri_Park_Eximision_9 Kadri_Park_Eximision_10 Kadri_Park_Eximision_11

He also urged the farmers to prefer organic fertilizers rather than going for chemical fertilizers for farming.

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Presiding over the event, MLA JR Lobo said that such kind of programmes will encourage people to grow plants baring flowers and fruits.

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MLA Moidin Bava, ZP Vice President Rithesh Kumar Shetty, Corporator Roopa D Bangera, Deputy Director of Department of Horticulture Yogesh H and others were present.

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The flower show displayed the model of ‘Kambala’, Tulunad’s rural sport made by arranging 10,000 red roses and ferns.

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