Kundapur: Kota Panchayat Clerk Chandra’s irregularities exposed; Suspension of corrupt clerk

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Kundapur; Feb 14: Though corruption is rampant in recent days across the country, in spite of the intense,fierce fight against the corruption, the numbers of corruption cases are increasing day by day. In one of such rarest cases in Kota village panchayat, after members of the panchayat decided in the urgently convened meeting, the clerk of the panchayat was suspended on charges of misappropriation of money. This incident was happened on Feb 12, Wednesday.

It was said that clerk Chandra has embezzled more than one lac rupees of labors welfare fund, homeless people’s payment money and rent collected from the shops. One of the members of the local taluk panchayat, who did come to know about this, brought the matter to the attention of taluk panchayat. On the basis of this, when the accounts investing officer from Udupi taluk panchayat went for an investigation, irregularities in money transactions were confirmed. Immediately president of the panchayat convened an emergency meeting and notice was served on Chandra asking him to give reply. In the wake of his allegation was proved and he confessed to the crime and agree to pay the embezzled money back to the panchayat, order was issued for his suspension.

Panchayat president’s administrative style:

This is one of the biggest panchayats but Shiva Poojary was the man, who has shown to the people that here there is one Panchayat. This incident of his subordinate Chandra’s irregularities was the biggest blow to his integrity because when he was busy concentrating with development works, the sorry episode of his staff member might bring him impediment, obstacles and bad repute on his individuality. Now this question was aroused in the minds of the people.

The man, who has been working in the panchayat for the past several years, is more greed for money that too when the common people come to Panchayat for getting their works  done, his roaring was more.There were more examples of his rude attitude and whatever the works to be get done, that is through bribe only. Without bribe, no work, no file is coming up. When complaint is lodged, he was threatening. About 7-8 years back, the money was collected from hotel entrepreneur by threatening him in the name of caste. Therefore now the atmosphere was created for the public to talk like this’sinner’s pot should be filled and now the truth has been exposed.

The decline in development due to staff’s maladministration:

Bharat Kumar Shetty, member of the Udupi taluk panchayat said in his speech that Kota panchayat is one of the largest panchayats in the udupi district but due to authorities mis-rule, panchayat’s administration has been slowed down.

Speaking in the press meet held on Feb 12, Wednesday evening in Saligrama Yakshagana Kala Kendra said that in the past skilled secretaries have given good governance. Though the allegation was being heard since 6 months about the corruption allegations of Panchayat Clerk, the matter was brought to the attention of President M.Shiva Poojary now. In the case of fraud which occurred during the period of then president by changing PDO and secretary, replacement was solicitated with vice administrative executive. But no changes have been taken place. A written complaint was lodged in Udupi taluk panchayat’s meeting about Chandra’s allegations. Accordingly since investigation authorities have been sent by taluk panchayat administrative officers, case has been came to light completely.

M.Shiva Poojary, panchayat president, Jayarama Shetty, Chandrashekara Achar and among others were present.

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