Kundapur: No existence of KJP in the state; if there was, let them give the ticket to anybody, BSY

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Kundapur; Feb 13: Addressing the press meet held on Feb 12, Wednesday in Byndoor BJP president B.M.Sukumara Shetty’s house at Kundapur taluk’s Vandse Nempu, B.S.Yeddyurappa, former chief minister of Karnataka said in his address that in the BJP’s core committee meeting, which will be held on Feb 14, in Bangalore, an extensive discussion will be held about state’s all the constituencies possible candidates. Most of the constituency’s possible candidate’s names have already been unofficially announced. Now for the unanimous selection of remaining 1-2 constituencies candidates including Bangalore north, efforts will be made for the finalization in this meeting, he said.

Responding to the question asked by the journalists about the existence of KJP, he said that merger of KJP and BJP is now a closed chapter. No need of reacting to somebody’s talk. When there is no question of existence of KJP in the state, let them given the tickets to wherever, whatever and whoever they like, we don’t any objection, he said.


Most of the programmes, projects announced in the budget, still not implemented. A salary of the aided institution’s employees has not been released for the past 4-5 months. Government has not bothered about the expenses of the projects announced in the budget and other allied expenses. None of the legislator has got the courage to speak boldly about the development of the particular constituency. Government is not responding to people’s problems.

Expressing outrage at a meeting of senior officers of the police department about the failure of law and order in the state, chief minister himself said that there is failure in the law and order. Let this anti-people’s policy of the government, become a benefaction to BJP in the coming Loka Sabha election, he said.

Further he said that respecting the party order ‘I will contest from Shimoga constituency’ and requested the people to extend their whole hearted support. He clarified that his son and present MP B.Y.Raghavendra, who represent the constituency at present will shoulder the organizational works and will not contest the election.

B.Y.Raghavendra,MP,former ministers like Kota Shreenivasa Poojary,Haratala Halappa,district BJP president Tingale Vikram Hegde,party prominent leaders like B.M.Sukumara Shetty,Lalaji Mendon,Udaya Kumar Shetty,Mattar Ratnakara Hegde,K.B.Shetty and among others were present.

Didn’t meet Halady:

Answering the question asked by journalists, he said that in order to meet Halady Shreenivasa Shetty, we had been to his residence but he was not available. Therefore we will meet him on Feb 14, he said.

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