Kundapur: ‘Gulfkannadiga’in conversation with power star Puneet Rajkumar at Vakvady Mohan’s house

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Kundapur; Feb 03: On Feb 02, Sunday morning after visiting Aanegudde Shree Vinayaka temple, Puneet Rajkumar, who went to entrepreneur V.K.Mohan’s residence, after finishing his breakfast, he stepped into talk with Gulfkannadiga website.


Your opinion about dubbing..?

If the dubbing comes in Kannada film Industry, T.V.medias will have more effect than film theatres.There was no dubbing culture for the last 56 years. For the benefit of children pogo or discoveries, if it comes in such channels, which is educational related issues, for that approval we can think. Dubbing is done for commercial purpose. Journalists should join their hands in this regard. If the matter is written after assessing and surveying from all the sides, it would be better for readers as well as the people, who understand it.


In the coming days, you don’t have to get surprised if you don’t get the local channels, when the news channel becomes dubbing. There are four thousand families depending on film theatres. If , in one film theatre, 10% becomes dubbing, it would be a great, unbearable loss. Though there may not be problems for today’s artists and directors, in future there will be a big problem for the upcoming generation, he said. In Karnataka all languages pictures are being watched, that is not mistake, he added.

Are you opposing re-make..?

I am not the opponent of re-make. In all the languages re-make films have come for the last 30-50 years. There is lot of actors, directors have made re-make films. We have done, their cinema, they have done our films. I am also one among them, he said.

About Shooting in abroad..!!

In Karnataka there are good locations for shooting. Almost in all the places shooting is being done. It was being done in story related places. Therefore utilizing places within the country and abroad.


About children related pictures?

I came up as a child artist.If we get good stories about children, definitely that can be done. Only when the produced cinemas are good in quality wise, then only it is possible to reach clear messages to the people. In cinemas, there should not be more bad words. When there is a control over the languages, the film should be produced in such a way that all the members of the family should come and watch the movie.

About Kambar V/s actor’s statement..?

When the reporter asked about the actor who gave reply to the talk of Chandrasekhar Kambar in connection with dubbing, Puneet said I don’t have that much knowledge to speak about Kambar and I am not so great. But in recently held dubbing protest by participating Kambar has supported us.


About the film ahead….

One picture is coming up with an alliance with Mohanlal.This picture was made keeping children in mind.Ranavikrama and Soori film is being produced by me with Mohanlal, he said.

At the same time, when questioned about’Ninnindale’picture, he said that being an actor,’Ninnindale’ picture was done in better way. Didn’t succeed much as per my expectation but I tried my best.

Few words about Kundapur………

There are many friends in Kundapur. They won’t take much time and treat the people with love and confidence.Actor,director Upendra is from this region only and he said that in the coming days film will be made in Kundapur Kannada after discussing with Upendra.

Thinking about directing the film?

Definitely no. Acting is my very life and breath, he said

How is your brother Raghavendra Rajakumar..?

Super. Keeping fine, taking rest .After receiving treatment in Singapore for some problem, now he back at home. He will be recovered within few days.

One request from actor to media

Media people should write all the matters only after evaluating and surveying from all the sides and from this only problems can be solved. This is my earnest request, he said.

Sadhu Kokila’s Entry-At the same time comedian Sadhu Kokila arrived to the programme.When attempt was being done for the talk, he himself agreed happily for the talk

Tell few words about old films and recent films..

Laughingly he said, if you will be here until evening, that much matters will be told, said ridiculously.

When asked about dubbing…

When Rajkumar was, there was lot of fear about dubbing. Now that fear is dwindled. About this all the artists should fight unitedly, he said.

Media should not twist the facts……

We are telling something, doing something but media will twist the story and broadcasting something else. This is a kind of injustice. For the sake of TRP, if we tell something, which is not supposed to tell, is wrong. Medias are for exposing, bringing out the truths, facts, not to write fiction, he said.

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