Kundapur: Finally district administration bowed to Dalit’s protest; evacuated Ambedkar Bhavan

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Kundapur; Feb 02: Opposing the move of district administration giving Ambedkar Bhavan to one Om Software private company for NPR Biometric programme since more than two months and by alleging that district administration is neglecting Dalits, 12 committee members of Karnataka Dalit Sangharsh Samiti (Beemavadha) Kundapur taluk samiti, have been observing indefinite fast unto death Satyagraha for the last two days in front of Shastri circle. However in the wake of written order, assurance from related authorities, Satyagraha was withdrawn.

In order to bring Dalit community in main stream of the society, Ambedkar Bhavan was built from Dalit fund and kept reserved for Dalit community activities. As it was given to one private company since two months by Kundapur revenue department, the Dalit community was facing problems, difficulties in holding their community activities. In this context, alleging the move, Dalit Sangharsh Samiti (Beemavadha) has started protest since last Friday in front of Shastri statue.

Vinaya Kumar Sorake, minister for urban development and district in charge visited place and discussed uninterruptedly with fasting protestors and assured them to meet their demands and advised them to give up the fasting. But protestors under the leadership of Udya Kumar Tallur, state convener have said that unless they get written order, assurance from district administrator and tahsildar, there is no question of withdrawing the struggle, clarified

When Dalit Sangharsh Samiti did not bulge to the pleas of minister, minister went back empty handed. When 12 members continued their fasting for the second day, awakened administration decided to shift Bio-metric programme to Vandse office from Ambedkar Bhavan.

After showing written letter of order from tahsildar Gayatri Nayak by Kundapur circle inspector, Udaya Kumar Tallur has announced his decision to withdraw the fasting Satyagraha.

Including Tallur, 12 youths of the Sanghatane have started indefinite fast unto death agitation. Out of 12, three including Tallur fell sick and admitted to hospital immediately for treatment. In the evening, in the wake of their recovery after the treatment, all of them have been discharged from the hospital, it said

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