Fire broke down in an open land in Bondel

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Mangalore, Feb 1: A huge fore broke down in a dry land located opposite St Lawrence Church at Bondel on February 1, Saturday.

Bondel_land_fire_2 Bondel_land_fire_3 Bondel_land_fire_4

The fire spread quickly due to the dry grass and shrubs gown in the land belonging to Cardinal Energy Company based in Mumbai.

Bondel_land_fire_5 Bondel_land_fire_6 Bondel_land_fire_7

The passerby, who noticed the fire immediately, informed the fire service station.

Bondel_land_fire_8 Bondel_land_fire_9 Bondel_land_fire_10 Bondel_land_fire_11 Bondel_land_fire_12 Bondel_land_fire_13

The fire personnel’s rushed to the spot and struggled for long time to douse the flame, which spread across 15 acres out of 40 acre land.

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