No, to Rumours of loan waiver: Raitha Sangha urges areca growers

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Mangalore, April 13: Speaking to media persons Sachin Meega, President of Kisan Keth Mazdoor congress said rumour mongers are spreading news that court is reluctant to waive off loans, which is baseless and appealed to the areca growers not to listen such rumours floated by some people.



The Karnataka High Court had in fact directed the union Finance minister to implement the Gorakh Singh report, but  it had miserably failed to implement, resulting in contempt of court.

He further said ruling of September 2012 by the High court was in favour of areca growers and it was the union ministry which failed to honor the verdict, Sachin clarified.

B.Sridhar shetty-Hasiru sene leader and Ishwar Bhat Badila were present at the press meet.

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