Dhabol Gas line to be extended to Mangalore-Says Moily

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Veerappa Moily 12apr13 dis

Bangalore, April 12:  M.Veerappa Moily, Union minister for Petroleum and Natural gas has said on April 12, Friday that gas line ,which had  already been laid between Dhabol in Maharashtra and Bangalore, will also be extended to Mangalore from Chitradurga for the benefit of domestic and commercial  consumers in the coastal region.

Speaking to the media persons in the press meet held on April 12,Friday, Moily- a member of the campaign committee  alleged BJP government in Karnataka for not taking his offer in to confidence  to use compressed natural gas for running road transport corporation including those of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport corporation to reduce the pollution .

Similarly, he said that the diesel power generator at yelahanka, which has been polluting atmosphere, could have also been replaced with gas.

Answering the volley of questions hurled at him, being a union minister, I put all my efforts to bring gas to Bangalore and promised that he is contemplating to take it to Mangalore for the benefit of the coastal people, he quipped.

When asked why the central government has not provided coal to Chhattisgarh thermal power plant to be jointly set up with Karnataka government, according to the minister it would not benefit the state as there was no grid. He however said that it would be provided by December.

Commenting on the cost sharing in the Railway projects by the BJP government in the state, he opined that since the state government has failed to provide land and other facilities asked for by the Railway Ministers, it will not benefit the people of the state

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