Youth who threw charger at football referee arrested

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Accused identified from among 15,000 spectators at Ahli-Al Ain match

Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police has succeeded in arresting the accused, MAJ, who injured the assistant referee of the match between Al Ahli and Al Ain.

Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander General of Dubai Police, said that the arrest took place in the late hours of Thursday evening, after intensive efforts of search and investigation teams.

The accused is aged 16-years-old.

Commander of Dubai Police confirmed that the young man admitted throwing a mobile phone charger at the midfield during the game.

He said he was provoked by the referee, when he refused to award a penalty.

He stressed that he did not mean to hit the assistant referee at all, but threw mobile phone battery charger as a nervous reaction.

Tamim said the young man is detained pending further investigation and will be presented to the Public Prosecution.

He praised the great efforts made by the Criminal Investigation team at Dubai Police since the incident, which led to the arrest of the accused despite the presence of more than 15,000 spectators at that time.

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