Report of the Disaster Management Committee of Indian Red Cross Society, DK Branch

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Mangalore, April11: It has been reported that Dr.Muralimohan Choontar-Chairman, Red Cross Society, DK Branch had a deep conversation with Mr. Krishnan Kutty, Chief Operational Manager, HPCL-Baikampady, Surathkal with regard to damage caused due to unfortunate accident of LPG tanker at Perna, Uppinangadi on April 9, Tuesday.Subsequently he also had a talk about compensation due to be paid to the families of victims.

On the basis of Dr.Choontar’s conversation, Yatish Baikampady, Chairman, Disaster Management Committee, Indian Red Cross Society, DK Branch has forwarded a request letter to the chief operational Manager of HPCL asking him to release the compensation as the all the victims and their families are from a very poor background at the earliest possible with a copy to Dr.Murali Mohan Choontar, Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, DK Branch President. Indian Red Cross Society,DK Branch & Deputy commissioner.DK,President,Indian Red Cross Society, Karnataka State.

 He also enclosed a list, proposing  his recommendation a Sum of Rs.25,00,000/-to the families of the victims as per the loss of life and Rs.5,00,000 to 10,00,000/- to the injured on the basis of gravity of injuries.

Signed by the concerned officials, a detailed list of proposed compensation is enclosed as follows:

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