50th National Marine Day-2013, was Celebrated along the Karnataka Coastal

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Mangalore, April 10:  Every year National Marine Day is being celebrated at all the major and minor ports all over India and abroad.

Navigation history was created on April, 5th 1919, when S.S.Loyalty, the first ship of Scindia Steam Navigation Company, made her maiden voyage to United Kingdom.

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This occasion was commemorated with the opening of NMD of India and first time the National Marine Day was celebrated on 5th April of 1964 and thereafter being celebrated annually.

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The main purpose of celebrating of NMD is to create an awareness among the students in particular and public in general about the career opportunities available in the shipping and to recognize the important role played by the shipping companies in the growth of Indian economy.

On the occasion of National Marine week, effective from the year 2002, first merchant navy flag is being pinned on the attire of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India by the Hon’ble Union Minister for shipping, Government of India.

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At State level too the same practice is being adopted by pinning the first merchant navy flag on the attire of respective Maritime State Governors by the local organizing committee.

This year as a mark of convention and being a’ Golden Jubilee year ‘the navy merchant flag was pinned on the costume of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India by the Hon’ble Union minister for Shipping on 2nd April 2013.

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In Mangalore also the 50th National Marine Day was celebrated at NMPT Auditorium, Panambur on 5th April, 2013.

Being the Golden Jubilee year under the guidance of Central NMD( Central) Committee, Mumbai the local celebration committee consisting of allied office DGS Mumbai i.e.NMD Mangalore,NMPT,CMMI &IME of Karnataka Chapter and all stakeholders in the maritime fraternity had the opportunity of pinning the first navy merchant flag to His Excellency Dr.H.R.Bharadwaj,Governor of Karnataka at Raj Bhavan,Bangalore on 31 March 2013 by DGS representative Capt.Santhosh Kumar,S,Darekar,Surveyor-in-charge,NMD Mangalore.

The other delegates present on the occasion were Shri TSN Murthy, Dy.Chairman NMPT, Capt.Mohan, Director of Ports & JWT Karwar, Shri.Narayanan and Shri Bhargava from IME and other representatives of CMMI and stakeholders in maritime fraternity.

On this occasion a ship memento was also presented to H.E.Governor of Karnataka jointly by all delegates present.

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