Udupi: Breakthrough to awaken minds filled with violence; “bell the campaign”

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Udupi; Nov 18: Rights are not impediments in our life. It is an inevitable part of daily life for every citizen. There are people between us, who do not what is right. Breakthrough team has been doing the work of motivation of introducing and to avail the rights for the last five years.


Rajendra Bekal from women and welfare department organized a “Bell the Campaign” programme on Nov 18, Monday morning, near Udupi city bus stand area.


The breakthrough team has been performing its duties with the aim of “think once, before committing violence”. Video Street plays in van, popular awareness songs, film shows, informative simple pamphlets and an opportunity to share your opinions openly etc have been arranged.



Breakthrough is an international human rights organization and working towards education, the media and through popular culture to improve public attitudes and create awareness about the value of justice, peace, dignity.

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