Kundapur: Adultery leads Mangala’s murder; accused apprehended

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Kundapur; Nov 17: The police could succeed in cracking the sensational murder case of Mangala Kharvi, a resident of Gangolli manganese road in last Sept-2013 at Marvanthe beach.

Though it was declared in the beginning, as missing case, now after the arrest of accused, a close relative and neighbor of the deceased, on Nov 16, Saturday, police have confirmed that the death of a woman two months ago was a planned murder.


Mangala Kharvi, aged 34, was the wife of Raja Kharvi, resident of Gangolli tarikere, fisherman by profession. She went missing the night before her murder in the month of September. Raja had gone on a fishing expedition, when the incident took place. The dead body of Mangala was found on the following day of her missing at Maravanthe sealand beach.

On suspicion, her husband’s brother Nityananda was taken to custody and questioned without any yield. The locals were about to forget the case like any other murder cases. But police did not forget.

It is said that Mangala and Raja had no children. Due to Raja’s  poor health condition and was under medication, the chance of them becoming parents was very bleak.Mangala was longing to have a child and hatched a plan and experimented in her close relative and neighbor Satish Kharvi to father a child for her. Satish too agreed for this plan.

They used to meet and enjoy clandestinely whenever they want to enjoy sexually ever since. Even as an illicit relationship grew between Mangala and Satish, his marriage was fixed with another girl. But Mangala refused to give him up and began to blackmail and threaten him continuously .Unable to bear the mental torture, Satish allegedly plotted to kill her.

The illicit relationship had lasted for about seven or eight months. When Raja, Mangala’s husband was on fishing expedition, they would go to Maravanthe beach at night 3-4 times a month without anybody’s notice. Even after Satish’s engagement about four months ago, Mangala did not want to stop going out with him. But Satish did not reciprocate in the same way, which often led to fights.

On September 19, the two met in Kundapur from where they travelled to Udupi, where they prayed at a temple and spent their day together. At around 6.30 pm, they caught a bus at Shastri circle and got down at Trasi beach. They then went to a nearby temple after which they sat on the beach side. Meanwhile, an argument broke out between them and in a fit of rage, Satish allegedy strangled her to death with the help of her saree. He then threw her body and went home.

The post-mortem report confirmed that Mangala was murdered. After registering a murder case, police interrogated Satish Kharvi initially and released him. But when their suspicions became stronger, the police checked his mobile phone records. Satish then narrated the entire episode, and on checking CCTV images at Udupi and Maravanthe, his statements were found to be true.

Satish Kharvi was produced in the court on Saturday November 16. DySP C B Patil, circle inspector P M Diwakar, Gangolli sub-inspector Sampath Kumar and others were part of the investigation team.




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